February 28 – March 2, 2014

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    March 20-22, 2015

    If you are open to awakening more of your creative potential – this conference is a great opportunity to explore creativity in many wonderful forms! There will be lots of hands-on and interactive learning, music and movement, connecting and innovating. Participants will walk away with a fresh ‘tool kit’ of creative problem solving skills, productive play practices, and a sparked imagination which can positively impact every area of life!

    Who should attend?


    High school, college, and university students will benefit from learning new ways of facilitating learning and cultivating their creative mindset.

    Educators and Trainers

    Learn new strategies and tools as well as group process techniques on delivering instruction and facilitating learning.


    New experiences in all of the arts including music, drawing, painting, collage, mask making, dance, theater, and writing.


    It takes innovation and creativity to stay on the cutting edge–learn the processes to keep you steps ahead of the competition.

    ...and anyone interested in personal growth and wellness